About sgmustadio

You found my info page! I guess you’re curious about who I am and why I’m blogging about all this technical stuff.

I am a graduate student at Virginia Tech with the Wireless@VT group. Check them out: Wireless@VT

I’ve noticed a big problem in the research world – most papers (theses, dissertations, etc.) are simply graded then stored in a cabinet never to be seen again. The responsibility lies with the student to push their own work to the rest of the world. Often, this includes publishing in a journal or presenting at a conference. I plan to pursue these options, but I’d also like to share my research in an on-going blog that is a bit more accessible to the rest of the world.

While I might post about random developments in technology or other class work, my main research is on integrating Hidden Markov Models in a graphics card (GPU). This will ideally give such a speed increase that GPUs can potentially be used for cognitive radio applications (like spectrum sensing).

If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me: sgmustadio AT yahoo DOT com